Nutrition & Feeding Guidelines For Your Baby - Chunkier Chews

Developmental readiness:

The move to solids progresses rapidly now at 7-9 months. Babies begin to chew with an up and down movement of the jaw, replacing the sucking motion. This, combined with the ability to grasp and put food directly into their mouth, tells you to start finger food.

Age range: about 7 to 9 months:

You’ll notice your baby now has the ability to grasp with their palm (e.g. smashing fistfuls of cereal somewhere in the vicinity of his mouth!). To make this easier, carefully choose the shape of the finger foods you offer. Small pieces of peeled soft fruits and cooked vegetables, dry cereal, small pieces of cheese, and cut up noodles are easy for babies to hold. Your baby is practicing motor skills, but don't count it contributing to nutrient intake. By the end of this stage, your baby's grasp will become more digital, with the ability to better manipulate smaller foods like green peas. And of course always keep a close eye on your little one.

The next step moves toward thicker, chunkier foods. For this age, try one of Earth's Best Organic® Chunky Blends such as Spring Vegetable & Pasta. You can also offer soft mashed, but not strained food as well.

Once your baby is used to getting more nutrition from solids and less from you or from formula, replace nutrients they are no longer receiving from those liquids with foods that offer some protein and calcium.

Other Chunky Blends:

Sensitivity Infant Formula

Spring Vegetable & Pasta

Toddler Formula Milk Drink powder

Carrots & Broccoli Veggie Puree​