Nutrition & Feeding Guidelines - Breast Milk or Formula

Remember that your baby relies on breast milk or formula as the primary source of nutrition until at least 12 months of age.

Age range: Newborn to 4-6 months:

At this age, the best and only food for your little one is mother's milk, infant formula, or a combination of the two. Allow your baby to determine just how much and how often he or she needs to eat. Some babies eat every two hours, day and night; others will go for longer without eating. While in general it’s best to feed your baby 'on demand,' for the first few weeks the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waking your baby every 3-4 hours if he or she is not doing so on their own. Attentive feeding teaches your little one to trust you, and lays a healthy foundation for growth with a supportive, loving environment. Always consult your pediatrician with questions on the frequency of breast, bottle, or combination feeding.

On a normal day a newborn may consume an average of 16 to 32 fluid ounces of breast milk or infant formula. You needn't worry much about what specific nutrients your baby needs. Feeding with breast milk or infant formula is like one stop shopping when it comes to nutrition.

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Sensitivity Infant Formula

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