Non-DHA Infant Formula: Frequently Asked Questions

March 1, 2018

Q. Do you recommend the new Non-DHA infant formula over your existing dairy formula in the red canister?

A. Different babies have different needs.  The Earth’s Best Organic® brand makes a variety of organic infant formulas to meet the needs of most babies.  It always best to consult with your pediatrician to determine the infant formula recommended for your own baby.


Q. Why did you develop the Non DHA infant formula?  

A. Earth’s Best strives to support the feeding needs of all parents. Some parents prefer a formula without DHA & ARA, sometimes supplementing DHA separately.


Q. Is there something wrong with the DHA in the red can of your Organic Infant Dairy Formula?

A. There is nothing wrong with the DHA in Earth’s Best Organic® Infant Dairy Formula in the red can.  It is derived from a plant based source rather than a fish source to specifically ensure its safety for infants due to concerns for mercury.  The new Earth’s Best Organic® Non DHA Dairy Formula in the green can was developed to provide an option for those parents who, for their own personal reasons prefer a formula without DHA, sometimes supplementing DHA separately.