New Traditions To Start This Father's Day

If you’re a father, you know the third Sunday in June each year is all about you, and for good reason! Father’s Day is a chance to celebrate all the amazing ways fathers enrich the lives of their families, and to spend the day being spoiled.

It’s also an opportunity to start traditions that can carry over for years to come. If you’re looking to change up the usual Father’s Day routine, here are eight new Father’s Day activities to help you do just that:

  1. Hit The Road

    Spending time together with your children is what Father’s Day is all about, but why not make it a group activity? Whether it’s with your extended family or your friends who are fathers and their children, plan a camping trip or road trip to bring everyone together and create some new memories. The annual Father’s Day trip is something your kids can practice with their own kids one day.

  2. Capture The Moment

    Spend some time with your family reflecting on what the past year has meant to you and then have everyone collect an item that represents a particular memory or milestone: pictures, small trinkets or anything else that brings a smile to your face. Put those items into a sealed container and then don’t open it again until next year. This time capsule is a way to celebrate your accomplishments. You can even decide to keep it sealed longer for a fun trip down memory lane later on. 

  3. Make A Special Meal

    Most holidays involve a signature dish, and there’s a reason for that: one special meal can bring back thoughts of years past and be carried into years to come. Try sharing a favorite dish from your childhood with your children, significant other and perhaps your own father. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, teach them how to make it and then file the recipe away to bring out every Father’s Day.

  4. Get In The Game

    A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, so start a Father’s Day tournament to get everyone outside, active and—most importantly—together on this special day. Head to your local park and create an obstacle course, play touch football or recruit some friends and family for a team strategy game like capture the flag. Have a prize for the winner and end the day with a meal to celebrate.

  5. Give Back

    A holiday is always the perfect time to unplug and give back to your community through a cause that means something to you. Volunteering with your family is a wonderful reminder to be grateful, and can give you an opportunity to be a family to someone who may not have one. You could cook a meal to take to a soup kitchen or volunteer at an animal shelter; pick an activity that’s close to your heart, and your kids can keep doing it every year as a way to pay tribute to you.

  6. Send Them On A Hunt

    Another way to bond with your family is to create a scavenger hunt that takes them to your favorite places, or back to spots that meant something to you growing up. Set up clues for them with some dad trivia and follow along on their adventure to cheer them on. They’ll get to know you better and as they get older, you can make the clues more challenging. Make sure to stock up on easy to carry snacks and drinks to keep them fueled and focused.

  7. Kick Up Your Feet

    At the end of a long day, it’s time to unwind and feel pampered for a bit after a busy day. You could schedule an evening massage, draw a bath or add some salts to a tub of warm water to soothe tired feet. Once the kids have gone to bed, having this time for you can be the icing on the cake and set you up to take on the week ahead feeling renewed. Turn on your favorite tunes and appreciate the day you’ve just enjoyed with your family.