Environmental Defense Fund Response

June 12, 2018

As one of the very first organic baby food brands and a pioneer in organic baby food, we fully appreciate the concern of parents surrounding the quality and safety of their children’s foods.  

While heavy metals (such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium) are present in the environment, including water and soil, please be assured one of the requirements of our Supplier and Ingredient Quality program is minimizing heavy metal content within our supply chain.  This begins with all our ingredient suppliers going through a rigorous evaluation prior to approval as a supplier.  These ingredients are tested to verify that they are below our specification limits for heavy metals prior to use.  We always strive for continuous improvement in our supply chain, therefore, we have lowered our specifications and improved our testing methods over the past few years.

We continue to search for ways to minimize heavy metal content in our raw materials and finished products. An important facet of this effort includes maintaining mutual partnerships with suppliers who can better control heavy metals and utilize advanced processing technologies. 

Lastly, we welcome the continued conversation with industry experts about this topic, and we encourage the United States Food and Drug Administration in its research and work to further define standards for lead and other heavy metals in products. We take great pride in knowing that you select our products to feed your children, and with that comes a great responsibility to consistently meet and exceed our standards and your expectations as parents.