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Try These 5 Tips for Smooth Sailing:

  1. Establish a predictable, positive routine. Just as with bedtime rituals, food routines are important to your child’s sense of comfort.
  2. Try to nip grazing in the bud. Offering foods too frequently can contribute to picky eating, and make it challenging for your little one to bring his or her best appetite to the table. Set them up for success by creating clear meal and snack routines.
  3. Use tot-sized utensils, dishes, cups and portions- serving portions in a size right for tinier tummies will help them learn to self-regulate (an important life skill!) and can keep little ones from feeling overwhelmed at mealtime.
  4. Choose options without refined sugars and salt. Cultivate a healthy love for the pure taste of real, wholesome foods by offering plenty of foods prepared without added sugars or salt.
  5. Offer food for the right reasons. Toddlers are already tuning into subtle cues from the world around them. Help them shine by showing them when it’s better to give a comforting hug, or to celebrate or praise in other ways that don’t involve food as a reward.